Promoting and supporting the technology of etheric energy with a focus on the study and practice of manifesting and healing through angelic presence.

Your angelic allies are the hands and feet of the Creator.
When problems persist and nothing seems to work and you have no answers…
Jerry Bedlington’s Angel Teams are here to heal you!

  • Get to the root of your recurring issues and challenges.
  • Clear blocks and imbalances in your body.
  • Experience peace of mind and joy.
  • Express your highest potential and gifts.
  • Free yourself of your past and live the life you were born to live.
  • Have an awesome earth experience.
  • Feel the presence of angelic light beings and know that you are supported and never alone.

When you are cleared of the blockages to living in integrity with your soul, life becomes richer and more meaningful. Schedule a session now!

“Jerry’s work is healing, authentic and stretches your mind.”

~Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder-Agape International Spiritual Center, star-The Secret

Angel InvocationJerry at Agape Revelation 2013



Let the Angels heal you!

Hundreds of people have benefited from Angel Team Healing Sessions

Jerry Bedlington’s special gift of working with angels allows him to send powerful teams of angels to heal every aspect of your life.


  • You prioritize your specific challenge/s such as relationship, health and/or abundance.
  • Jerry invites the angels to scan your Akashic record to ensure the session is in your best and highest good.
  • Jerry casts holograms for his Intuitive Session Partner to see the source/s of your blockages.
  • Jerry coordinates his Angel Team to clear your blockages.
  • You receive a post-session Angelic Assignment to support and sustain your healing.

Note: Angel Team Healing sessions are conducted via 3-way conference call.

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15-minute one-on-one phone sessions with Jerry (no Intuitive Session Partner) for manifesting and/or rebalancing energy:

  • Manifesting Request: In a powerful manifesting session Jerry will bring in his Angel Team to activate 3 wishes, dreams, hopes, or desires into a live conscious field, and send it to the Universe to manifest.
  • Space Clearing: A rapid relief session with Jerry only (no session partner) to remove discordant energy and smooth the energy field. Beneficial to body fields, residential and professional environments, legal proceedings, medical procedures, and testing/certification situations.

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A-TEAM HEALING PLAN ($1,200 – $1,800 value)…$900

A deeply discounted plan for clients who are committed to long-term change.

360 minutes of healing session time which may be used incrementally for
60-min Super Sessions, 30-min Mini-Sessions and 15-min Etheric Energy-Sessions.

  • A-Team Healing Plan time may be used by client and also gifted to friends and family.
  • Includes people and pet sessions.


One client’s story

I had been out of work for 5 months, and was really feeling at my wits end on how to shift my situation. Out of the blue, READ MORE

Angel Team Healing sessions are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, or professional legal advice. If you have legal, medical or psychological concerns, please seek out a licensed professional.

“After only ONE session, areas in my life that were locked quickly became unlocked (finances) and areas in body that were bothersome were instantly healed…”

~Troy Beyer, Writer, Director, Actress
Beckwith, Bedlington and BeyerBeckwith, Bedlington and Beyer

“Thank you dearly for supporting and assisting such a successful first week of live performances. Love you guys!”

~Jesse Campbell, Finalist on The Voice

Jesse Campbell



Angel Team Healing is dedicated to helping others master their personal energy fields and to communicate with the angels. Our goal is to join with responsible and skilled stewards of the planet, like yourself, in all modalities of the etheric energy fields where angels reside. Welcome to the A-Team!


Third Thursday Animals and Angels Calls

First, we do a focused healing for God’s Creatures.
Then, you can ask Kate to communicate with your pet, supported by Jerry and the angel teams.
5:30pm PST with Jerry & Kate Solisti
January 16 topic…Angels of the Sea
March 20 topic…Holy Cow!
April 17 topic…Arctic Angels

May 21st…FREE e-workshop on How to Use Pendulums to Communicate with Angelic Light Beings in the Etheric Field
Email us for more information


Jerry relishes every opportunity to call in the angels at events and ceremonies to clear the etheric field of negative energy and to create on the physical plane an atmosphere of safety, well-being and support from the angelic realm.

Upcoming Personal Appearances

The Technology of Etheric Energy Workshop (by donation to Agape)
August 11, 6.30pm…Agape…Culver City, CA

Past Appearances

Agape International Spiritual Center · Boeing Employees Paranormal Club · Emerald Spiral Expo · Revelation Conferences · Tesla Conference Organizers


“I want you to know what I know. ” ~ Jerry

Jerry makes public appearances and teaches the technology of etheric energy up and down the west coast, from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA—and at major metropolitan areas in between—including the “City of Angels.”

Because of his immense field of personal knowledge—from the sciences to the technology of etheric energy—no two classes are ever the same. Each class has a particular intention or theme drawn out by the Creator specifically for the group present. A class with Jerry leaves you feeling the love and comfort of your angels and the Creator as well as with tools and techniques for having more of this guidance in your life.


Bedlington and Beckwith“Be available and sensitive to what’s all around you. There are angels shouting in your ear, ‘grow, develop, unfold.’ The angel of evolutionary progression is speaking to you about your growth, development and unfoldment.”

~Michael Bernard Beckwith, Best-Selling Author and Spiritual Leader

Learn the language of angels…an infinite solution

5 months. 5 workshops. 5 one-on-one coaching sessions with Jerry.

Harness and master your own energy.

Learn the technology of etheric energy and how it relates to angels and healing.

Conversations with Jerry

Kate's Top 10 Tipsmp3 & ebook


Dr. Elizabeth LambaerDr. Elizabeth Lambaer

Dr. Elizabeth Show

The Broad PerspectiveVivian Komori and Katie Nelson

The Broad Perspective

“I love the CLARITY that Jerry provides us with.”

~ Lissa Sprinkles, ALSP, RScP

Lissa & Jerry

“I’m grateful to have been invited to attend this fabulous workshop! Thank you Jerry!”

~Dr. Maisha Hazzard Founder, Khepra Institute of Applied Metaphysics
Dr. Maisha Hazzard

“On a scale of 1=waste of time to 10=life-changing, this series is was a valuable 11!”

~Melle Amade Melkumian

Melle & Jerry



JERRY BEDLINGTON coordinates his powerful Angelic Team to balance emotional, physical and spiritual issues for people worldwide, including spiritual and thought leaders.

With his Angelic Team he has the capability to clear energetic blockages from present and past lives, as well as to remove cords that limit you from your highest good. Jerry’s special gift allows him to send powerful teams of angels to heal every aspect of your life and direct you to your highest good! He specializes in changing your entire energy field to replace it with a healthy, vibrant, well-balanced field from an earlier time in your life.

Increasingly Jerry is known as a “healer’s healer” because Angel Team Healings can clear the energies healers pick up in their bodies from their clients. The healers we help range from medical professionals like psychiatrists to body workers like massage therapists and energy workers, to spiritual leaders and practitioners. However, it is Jerry’s purpose to coordinate teams of angels to help all his brothers and sisters to restore order, abundance, well-being, and right relationship in their lives, without bias or judgment. So his practice is inclusive of all people–ranging from business people, to lawyers, to artists, to nutritionists, to carpenters, to housewives, to porn stars.

Jerry is a master angel communicator whose teachings include the technology of etheric energy, communicating with the angels, manifesting with the angels, how to feel holograms and how to access angelic healing for protection. Jerry teaches and makes public appearances down the west coast, from Bellingham, WA to San Marcos, CA, and in major metropolitan areas including Seattle and the “City of Angels” at the Agape International Spiritual Center and the Santa Monica Friends Meeting House.

“My purpose on the earth is to coordinate Angelic Teams to help with the re-balancing of energy fields in all aspects of the human body.”

Jerry BedlingtonFor more information on scheduling a session or attending a class, please email Jerry or call/text 425.327.3956

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